Vice President Manifesto

Vice President Manifesto

Vice President Manifesto

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As Vice President of the Dorset Chamber of Commerce, I am committed to serving the President and CEO in championing the interests of our vibrant and diverse business community. Dorset is a county of immense potential, with a rich history, stunning natural beauty, and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. However, we also face challenges, including rising costs, inflation, high borrowing costs, bureaucracy, skills shortages, and the need to adapt to a rapidly changing economic landscape. All that said; it is my belief that business is, and remains, one of the greatest forces for good in our world when done with ‘right’ at it’s core. Empowering through sustainable activity the building of activity, meaning, purpose and ultimately whole lives and communities; good business is at the heart of any healthy community.

My Vision for Dorset

I dream of a Dorset where businesses can thrive, where innovation is fostered, where the young are invested in, and our community prospers. A Dorset where we are not only resilient but also forward-thinking, dynamic, hopeful, compassionate and empowered for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Core Priorities

To achieve such a dream, I can see three core priorities for the Chamber:

Supporting Business Growth and Prosperity:

  • Advocate for policies that promote business investment and growth in Dorset.
  • Foster collaboration between businesses, charities, government agencies, and educational institutions.
  • Connecting businesses and entrepreneurs to resources and expertise that help them innovate and adapt.

Addressing Skills Shortages and Building a Talented Workforce:

  • Work with education and training providers to ensure that our workforce has the skills needed by Dorset businesses.
  • Promote apprenticeships and other vocational training opportunities.
  • Encourage collaboration between businesses, education establishments and schools to provide real-world learning experiences.

Promoting Dorset as a Destination for Business and Investment:

  • Showcase Dorset’s unique strengths and opportunities to young people, young professionals, potential investors and businesses.
  • Celebrate the growth of key sectors that drive our economy.
  • Advocate for community investment, social and community development, sustainability, and infrastructure improvements that support businesses to thrive.

Commitment to Collaboration

I believe that by working together, we can create a Dorset that is not only prosperous but also sustainable, innovative, and a place where people want to live. I am committed to collaborating with our members, the Dorset Chamber team, and stakeholders to achieve such a dream for the benefit of everyone.


I truly believe that if we work together, we can shape a brighter future for Dorset, a county where businesses and our community flourishes; where our workforce is equipped for success, and where innovation and opportunity abound.

Gareth Sherwood 

Vice President

Dorset Chamber | December 2023 

Gareth Sherwood, Vice President, Dorset Chamber