Ambassador Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate yourself as a potential Ambassador, please complete the below form by Friday 22nd October 2021.
We will then be inviting members to vote for Ambassadors, and you will be notified if you have been successful in advance of the AGM.

  • (Business name, address and contact details) serve as Elected Ambassador of Dorset Chamber.
  • (Business name, address and contact details)
  • (Please state name, position, name of business and email address)
  • Tell us why you would be suitable for the post of Dorset Chamber Ambassador, what value you could add and how your previous experiences may benefit Dorset Chamber and it's members. Please also include details of any professional or other relevant qualifications
  • Note: Proposers and Seconders may be contacted in this regard for verification purposes.

    NOTES (Please read carefully)
    1. The Nominee, the Proposer and the Seconder must each be a member of Dorset Chamber; and any representative capacity must be clearly described (e.g. Director, Partner, Owner, employee etc).
    2. This Nomination Form must be completed in full to be included in the voting process. The “Consent to Act” MUST be agreed by the Nominee in every case.
    3. More than one candidate may be nominated by the same Proposer and/or Seconder but only one candidate can be nominated per form.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.