Avon Marina purchase Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 for £1 on eBay!

Avon Marina recently made an exciting purchase on eBay – a Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 for the astonishing price of £1. This iconic 90s model holds great potential for a thrilling refurbishment project.

Since acquiring this stunning boat, Avon Marina’s team have wasted no time in getting the restoration underway. The boat has been jet washed, the interior from the deck has been completely removed (keeping the originals to be used as templates), the twin engines have been removed and the boat moved into dry storage, ready for the next exciting stages! The plan is to keep the boat’s original charm intact, with skilled and knowledgeable marine engineers leading the restoration process.

The progress of this exciting project will be documented on social media platforms, allowing followers to stay updated and witness the transformation firsthand. It will be most rewarding to see the finished boat back on the water, showcasing its revitalised beauty and evoking nostalgia for those who appreciate this classic vessel.

For updates, follow the project’s Instagram – @onepoundsunseeker

www.avonmarina.com | 01202 612 610

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