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Bournemouth Uni Students – Beating The Impostor Syndrome

Posted on: 24/04/2018

A recent talk at BU on ‘Avoiding the Impostor Syndrome’ started a much needed conversation. The keynote talk was given by alumni – communication coach Trisha Lewis.

As Trisha reminds us, ‘Impostor Syndrome is something that effects driven individuals and high achievers in particular – and often those facing the ever pervasive stereotype threat are even more plagued by this irrational but powerful feeling. It is a form of self-doubt that can really mess with your life if you let it.’

The talk was part of an inspiring event ‘ ‘How to Thrive at University and Beyond’  – organised by the Students Union and Student Experience team – who really understand the need for students to learn about any mindset barriers that could hold their studies and careers back.

Trisha added, ‘the debate that followed was lively and inspiring. I was touched by the number of students who thanked me personally for shining the light on a ‘feeling’ they had not understood.’

Trisha is on a mission to have this conversation out in the open – and has blog posts as well as a free sign up on her website for a weekly newsletter with resources and tactics to beat the impostor syndrome – as she says, ‘knowledge is power’.

Bournemouth Uni have already asked Trisha back for round two – the conversation has well and truly begun.

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