British Sign Language Tour returns to The Tank Museum

Following the success of the first British Sign Language tour in June, The Tank Museum is delighted to announce the date of the next free BSL tour on 7th October 2023.

Through the introduction of BSL tours, subtitles on video content, and hearing loops on the newer exhibitions, The Tank Museum is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment by improving accessibility for visitors with hearing loss. Military history fans can dig deeper into the story of armoured vehicles in a format that supports their needs.

The free BSL tours follow the successful introduction of quiet mornings, which welcome visitors with sensory needs by turning off sounds and interactives. The Museum has also introduced a wellbeing room, a resting space specially created for those who to take some time away from the crowds.

Visitor Experience General Manager Rosanna Dean, said:

“We are delighted with the positive response we received after the last BSL Tour, and we are looking forward to welcoming visitors again in October.

“The Museum is committed to improving accessibility and our facilities to offer an exceptional visitor experience for all tank fans.”

The hour-long tour will take place in the Museum’s flagship exhibition, the Tank Story Hall, which features the 32 most important tanks in the history of armoured warfare, from Little Willie, the first working prototype, to the current main battle tank, Challenger 2.

Tour attendees will also get free entry to the Museum, to further explore the collection of 300 armoured vehicles and the powerful exhibitions that bring the story of tanks and their crews to life.

Under-16s can bring one accompanying adult and pre-booking is essential.

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