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Health & Safety in the Workplace

With Dorset Chamber online training you can train yourself and colleagues with our wide range of online training courses. To get started choose a course (or two) from our training courses, you will then receive an email with login instructions. Be sure to check our platforms LMS features too.

Online Training
Dorset Chamber Online Training is a platform for online training and managing training progress in a simple, easy to use dashboard.

Easy To Manage and Train
It’s incredibly easy to learn with Dorset Chamber. By simply checking a box, managers provide instant access for their staff and upon completion the trainee can receive their certificate.

Aftercare Worth Mentioning
Progress is easily monitored by both managers and trainees. Throughout the year your courses can be referenced, each year after the initial course, renewals are available to keep you up-to-date.

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We also offer free LOcHER project for colleges

LOcHER Project is a New Approach developed by students at Colleges in partnership with leading health and safety industry specialists and supporters.

The purpose was to find New Approaches for College Apprentices to learn about occupational health risks in a more engaging way, which embeds an understanding of the key health risks, and ways of controlling them, into the students’ long-term memory. How did we do it? By handing over to the students and giving them completely free reign over how they learned and recorded their discoveries.

Then they designed posters and created films to demonstrate what they had learned for other students at Colleges around the world. If your college or school would be interested in the LOcHER project licenses please click here.