Care & Share In The Community

Local Family Chiropractors donate a day’s work for homelessness charity Routes to Roots.

Life Balance Chiropractic in Poole will be helping some of the most vulnerable people in the community this Christmas, in a ‘Care and Share in the Community’ campaign in support of Routes to Roots, a local Poole homelessness charity.

Life Balance Chiropractors in Poole are among members of the UK-wide United Chiropractic Association (UCA) who are donating a day’s work by providing adjustments on Tuesday the 5th of December in exchange for food to the value of the treatment.
On this date, clients will either

  • Donate food items up to the value of an adjustment a receipt must be shown
  • Pay £10 and donate food items up to the value of the adjustment
  • Make an online donation to the value of the adjustment here 

Clients who prefer to pay for their adjustments in the usual way will have this amount donated to the charity too, while the client’s not booked for an appointment that day can also donate here.
Routes to Roots is a local homeless charity in Poole and believes everyone deserves hope and access to basic necessities.  They would work with people in our community at their most vulnerable. In addition to providing basic necessities of life, they provide nutritious hot meals 5 x per week, showers, laundry, access to computers, clothing sleeping bags and assistance for those moving into accommodation. More info on what they do can be found here

Joshua from Life Balance Chiropractic in Poole said: “This charity does incredible work in our community and no human being should have to sleep rough.

“Our passion is changing the lives of the people we serve, which is why we wanted to partner with Routes to Roots again this year and support their incredible work.”

People can donate in many ways via!/DonationDetails

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