Celebrating 20 Years of Dedication: Tops Day Nurseries Congratulates Long-Serving Senior Nursery Manager

Celebrating 20 Years of Dedication: Tops Day Nurseries Congratulates Long-Serving Senior Nursery Manager

Tops Day Nurseries, a leading provider of high-quality childcare, is proud to honour and congratulate Sharon White, the esteemed Senior Nursery Manager of Tops Wimborne and Tops Charminster, for completing an incredible 20 years of dedicated service.
Since joining Tops Day Nurseries two decades ago, Sharon, has been an exceptional leader, demonstrating unwavering commitment, passion, and a genuine love for early years education. Her remarkable journey has been characterized by tireless dedication to nurturing young minds, shaping bright futures, and providing a safe, stimulating, and inclusive environment for children to thrive.

Sharon started with the company as Senior Practitioner at Wimborne in June 2003. She has progressed in her time at Tops to Senior Nursery Manager whilst also taking on the additional roles of SENDCo, Health and Safety Lead, Mental Health First Aider, Designated Safeguarding Lead (for her setting and the area), Extra Curricular Lead, Eco Rep, Schema Play Lead, and Student Lead.

Throughout Sharon’s time with the company, she has gained experience working in all rooms with all ages of children and has worked within the Wimborne, Charminster and Christchurch Settings.

Some of Sharon’s accomplishments at Tops include completing her Level 5 Diploma, a Level 3 for Special Educations Needs Coordinators and her Senior Manager Role in which she supports other nurseries as well as managing Tops Wimborne and Tops Charminster.

In addition to these accomplishments, Sharon has undertaken qualifications and training with Tops which includes, Extra Curricular, Safeguarding Level 3 and Supporting Children’s Mental Health.

Under Sharon’s guidance, Tops Wimborne and Tops Charminster have flourished, earning accolades for their exceptional care, stimulating learning experiences, and strong parent engagement. Her ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere has fostered a sense of belonging among children, parents, and staff alike, making Tops Wimborne and Tops Charminster a cherished hub of early years education.

Sharon White said: “I have seen a lot of changes over the last 20 years, 2 re-brandings more nurseries added and how we successfully continue to grow. It is lovely that it feels like a family and some of our staff have worked for the company for a long time as well as new staff. I loved seeing us adapt to all the different changes that have happened within the sector over the last 20 years and how this has moulded and shaped us as a company. I am looking forward to the future to see how we continue to adapt and change”.

Vicki Sedgwick, Regional Manager at Tops said: “I would like to congratulate Sharon on her 20 years’ service, what an achievement! Sharon has worked in many roles and across a number of nurseries over the last 20 years. She has seen many changes with Tops and has worked hard to be where she is today as a Senior Nursery Manager. Sharon always goes out of her way to help and support others and offer advice and guidance as needed. Congratulations on being with the company 20 years Sharon!”.

To commemorate this milestone, the Sales, Marketing and Recruitment Director, Harriet Pacey, paid Sharon a visit to award her with a certificate, new badge and voucher, recognising her exceptional commitment and significant impact on the lives of children and families within the community.


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