College Students Receive £3,600 Worth of Electronic Engineering Equipment

Students from the Bournemouth & Poole College will benefit from electronic engineering equipment worth £3,600 which has been donated for use in their workshop. 

Metcal and Grove Sales have all provided a large range of high value items and services to benefit the College including free training courses for the students, ESD (Electrostatic discharge) clothing and equipment, as well as state-of-the-art fume extraction units.

Matthew Fry, lecturer in electronics, said: “Our aim was to create an environment that would replicate an industrial workplace and the obvious choice was to approach Metcal and Weller who are both market leaders within the industry, to discuss the idea of partnering with the brands.”

“Matthew said that the equipment will allow the students to have a greater understanding of the industry, as well as reassure companies which offer apprenticeships that the students are using the latest equipment in the correct conditions.

“The donation has allowed the students on all of our courses to have access to the cutting edge of surface-mount rework and soldering equipment in rooms that are fully ventilated using industry-standard extraction systems. We aim to offer the best possible learning experience for the students and so we are proud of the fact that not all electronic companies can provide as much equipment or the conditions that we can here at the College.”

For more information about the engineering courses available at the college, please go to

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