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IT Company in Poole launches lifestyle-changing new digital service

Posted on: 14/03/2018

Azera Technology, based in Poole are helping entrepreneurs, young and old to fit their business around their busy on-the-go lifestyles.

The entrepreneur lifestyle is something many local business-owners dream of, but they often end up spending more hours in the office than any regular 9-5 worker. Looking as professional as possible can be a challenge for business owners and sole traders.

Local businesses and sole traders are key examples of people who can take their business to the next level of professionalism. Moving from a mobile number to a landline as a business’ primary contact number is the first step in getting that corporate look and feel. With an array of cloud telecoms services to choose from, there are constant advancements in the technology available for consumers. One such example of this is the ability for landline numbers to forward to mobile phones. This allows the busy individuals who are always on the road to dial out displaying their business landline number.

No more having to arrange someone to be available in the office to operate a professional looking business.

Azera Technology are experienced in getting users set up with such services. More information is available at azeratech.co.uk/telecoms

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