Crowdfunding campaign for The Junction, Broadstone, nears its target of £5,000.

The Junction and YMCA Bournemouth are raising funds for a Swimming Pool cover at the Junction, Broadstone via a Crowdfunding campaign.

The project you are Funding

We have identified potential energy savings, a reduction in our carbon footprint , the ability to extend the life of the pool building and structure, reduce condensation and wear & tear, JUST by purchasing a pool cover.

A pool cover will:

  • Prevent and reduce the evaporation on the pool water
  • Reduce the heat losses to the surrounding areas
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals that we us
  • Prevent condensation damage to the building structure
  • Allow us to shut the expensive air handling system down at night
  • Allow savings on the electrical cost
  • Extend the life of the air handling system
  • Such energy efficient measures will:
  • Reduce overheads (which have increased across the charity by 20% as a direct result of the cost-of-living crisis)
  • Reduce our carbon footprint.

By installing a pool cover, our estimated energy savings could be £10,000+ per year.

Maintaining the building  and reducing overheads will both contribute significantly to the long term sustainability of this community building and keep the pool open for participative activity. According to Sport England, swimming offers huge potential for supporting people to become more active.

Regular Junction swimmer, Lesley comments; “I use the pool because it’s convenient to where I live and its very affordable. The Pool is clean and warm, I use it for general public swim sessions and Aqua Fit classes. It helps me with my mental health to stay focused and have a structure by getting up in the mornings.”

How You Can Help.

Please make a donation to help us to purchase a pool cover – thus enabling us to reduce our running costs, which will help us to provide great facilities at affordable prices.

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