D-Day Anniversary marked by Poole Sea Cadets

Poole Sea Cadets were honoured to be asked to lead the parade commemorating the 80th Anniversary of D-Day by marching along historic Poole Quay.

Joining the Mayor and Sheriff of Poole for the lighting of a commemorative flame, the cadets specifically paused by the US Coastguard Memorial. Why this should be here is best explained by the inscription:

‘From this Quay, 60 cutters of the United States Coast Guard Rescue Flotilla 1 departed for the Normandy Invasion, 6 June 1944.

These 83-foot boats, built entirely of wood, and the 840 crew members were credited with saving the lives of 1437 men and 1 woman.

In remembrance of the service of Rescue Flotilla 1, and with appreciation of the kindnesses of the people of Poole to the crews, this Plaque is given by the men and women of the United States Coast Guard’.

Poole Sea Cadets have implemented a series of lectures to make sure our cadets are fully aware of the context, historical significance and sacrifices of D-Day.

Our cadets have varying educational experiences from a wide range of backgrounds, aged as they are up to 18 – 80 years ago that would have been the age they would have been called up.

We hope in particular to familiarise them with what happened in Poole, the third largest embarkation port for Operation Overlord, which saw thousands of US troops depart Dorset to Omaha Beach in Normandy.


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