Donation Helps Access Dorset for Public Launch Event

Access Dorset is a user led organisation and registered charity, run by disabled people, older people and carers who work to remove barriers to inclusion.

The activities are geared to supporting people to identify and overcome barriers to independence and social inclusion. They encourage self-help strategies and nurture peer support approaches to enable, empower and build self-resilience. They want to bridge the gap that young disabled people experience in transition to adult hood, between unemployment and employment and between ill-health and self-management of health conditions.

J.P. Morgan made a donation to help towards the purchase of seating, flowers and decorating of the courtyard area.

“We were keen to have the work done before the public launch event took place,” says Jonathan Waddington-Jones, Chief Executive of Access Dorset. “The donation we received from J.P. Morgan and help from other businesses enabled this to happen and we are very grateful. In summer months the courtyard will enable us to expand our café and it’s where we’re going to develop an accessible gardening project.”

Access Dorset is based at the Bridge building in Littledown Centre Car Park and allows them to offer a home to DOTS Disability, Double Act Disability Theatre, Bournemouth Older People’s Forum, Bournemouth Parent Carer Group and Addaction. It is also available for event and party hire.

Nick Baverstock, a member of the J.P. Morgan Community Relations Committee, attended the public launch event.

“We are delighted to have been able to help Access Dorset in this way and wish them every success in the work they are doing.”

(J.P. Morgan employs 4,000 technology and operations staff at its Bournemouth Corporate Centre and has a strong history of community engagement).

To find out more about Access Dorset please email

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