Dorset-based consultancy keeps the wheels turning in Ireland

A quick glance at any news media outlet will tell you that we live in increasingly turbulent times: a Government, quite possibly in its closing stages, struggling to maintain its purpose and a gloomy geopolitical outlook both conspire to make running a business over the longer term an increasing challenge.

The need for resilience in all that we do has never been greater.  In that particular regard, Russell Philips Limited (, a Dorset-based Business Continuity consultancy, has recently won a contract to design and implement the Business Continuity Management Lifecycle for a key client in the Mass Transit Sector in Ireland. 

With 4,600 employees operating over 1,000 platforms and shifting over 146,000,000 paying passengers per year, this client is one of Ireland’s most important mass transit operators on whom the travelling public rely heavily in order to meet their daily requirements. 

The wheels of the bus must keep going round and round, and Russell Philips Limited is helping them achieve that singular goal!

If you wish to address your resilience needs, please contact and we will help set you on your journey to a more resilient future.

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