Dorset Business Angels October Pitch Event

Dorset Business Angels (DBA) will host their Autumn pitch event on October 9th at the Bournemouth Carlton Hotel.

This event will be a platform for five entrepreneurs to present their early-stage ventures and garner the interest of the angel investors in attendance.

Here’s an overview of each pitch:

Trade Parts Online Marketplace:
An online B2B marketplace helping tradespeople quickly identify and purchase plumbing and heating parts. The platform already has 250,000 products across 3,000 stores, addressing efficiency in the supply chain.

Video Fire Detection Systems:
Introducing a video fire detection solution for areas that are challenging to cover with standard fire detection systems. The innovation aims to enhance fire safety in various environments, gaining traction in multiple countries.

Listen and Read Digital Book Platform:
Addressing the need for engaging digital reading experiences, this venture offers audiobooks in an exclusive and integrated listen-and-read format at an affordable, subscription-free price. The initiative caters to a wide audience, particularly attracting the younger generation, while also contributing to sustainability.

Repurposing Ocean Plastic Waste:
Tackling ocean pollution, this enterprise transforms harmful ocean plastics, notably discarded fishing gear, into purposeful optical products such as sunglasses and glasses frames. Their purpose-driven brand resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

Capture and Share Your Sailing Experiences:
Pioneering a unique digital logbook through a user-friendly app, this initiative aims to revolutionise recording and sharing sailing experiences. The innovative platform offers a comprehensive solution, attracting a substantial user base and providing various revenue streams through unique datasets and subscriptions.

Director and Co-Founder Peter Eales shares, “Our event on October 9th promises to be memorable. We have five entrepreneurs ready to present their pitches to potential investors, and this event will also commemorate DBA’s 10th anniversary. Steve Berry, our Honorary President, and fellow Co-Founder, will say a few words to mark this milestone. Additionally, we have planned a champagne reception for our members and guests. Reflecting on the multitude of early-stage businesses DBA has supported over the years is truly remarkable. Since 2013, we’ve successfully raised and facilitated well over £4 million of equity capital.”

DBA is dedicated to providing local high-net-worth (HNW) and sophisticated investors (SI) with quality private equity investment opportunities. The investments facilitated by DBA are in the form of equity investments rather than debtors’ loans, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved. With a broad investment scope, DBA supports ventures across various sectors.
Angel investments can take the form of individual investors or syndicates comprising two or three angels pooling their funds to support a company. This collaborative approach allows for increased investment potential and shared expertise among the investors, creating a robust support system for the businesses they back.

DBA enjoys the support and sponsorship of Saffery, Ellis Jones, and Investec.

To register for the pitch event please click through to the event page.

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