Dorset Business Angels pitch event showcases innovative security product and unique bottom care solution

Investors at the recent Dorset Business Angels pitch event were presented with a diverse range of companies seeking angel investment to accelerate their business growth. The event, held on Monday evening, featured five pitches, with two companies generating interest from potential investors.

The standout pitch of the night came from a company that has developed a patent-pending product combining a lock and tracking device in a virtually indestructible unit. The founders, initially targeting the high-end motorbike and bicycle markets, aim to disrupt the outdoor security assets market with their ‘angle grinder-resistant’ solution. The product, with an RRP of £399.99, bridges the gap between current security offerings by alerting owners of any interference while protecting the tracker with a weapons-grade toughened steel housing. The company, seeking to raise £400k in this round, received eight expressions of interest from investors eager to proceed to the due diligence stage.

Another pitch that garnered attention was from entrepreneurs claiming to be “creating the future of bottom care.” Their gel product and refillable dispenser, designed to be used with regular toilet paper, aims to improve anal hygiene and ease discomfort caused by conditions such as IBS and IBD. Supported by a specialist clinical advisor, the founders are looking to raise £200k to complete their £400k round and further develop their product range.

Three additional pitches, including a fan engagement platform, an off-the-shelf people count and video analytics platform, and a search engine aggregating second-hand, refurbished, and pre-loved goods, did not receive immediate investor interest. However, Max Wright, DBA Director and MC of the event, commended the quality of the pitches and encouraged the founders to persevere in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Don McQueen, DBA’s Chairman, noted that further expressions of interest might be made through the pitch portal web platform, which allows investor members who couldn’t attend the event to consider each pitching company at their convenience.

The event, sponsored by TC Group, featured an informative presentation by James Paget and Nea Martin, providing an overview of changes in tax planning areas for IP-rich companies, including share incentive schemes, Substantial Shareholdings Exemption, and Family Investment Companies.

Dorset Business Angels, established in2013, specialises in offering private equity investment opportunities to local high-net-worth and sophisticated investors. With the support of sponsors TC Group, Ellis Jones Solicitors, and Investec Wealth & Investment UK, DBA invites investors to attend their upcoming lead investor workshop and pitch event on September 30th

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