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Dorset Chamber comment – new local lockdown restrictions

Posted on: 13/10/2020

Chamber chief executive Ian Girling said: “Clearly it is incredibly disappointing to see the escalation of infection rates and the introduction of intensified restrictions.

“They are a blow for confidence at a delicate time for the economy. Anger among businesses is understandable, particularly in the north of the country and in the hospitality, leisure and events sectors in Dorset who are already finding it very difficult.

“Many businesses will have serious misgivings about the new localised lockdown system and the economic disruption it will cause but will accept some measures are required.

“Firms have put hard work and precious cash into making their businesses Covid-secure, and must be allowed to operate unless there is overwhelming and clear evidence to the contrary.

“Equally, there must be consistency and transparency in the way the restrictions are administered with a clear exit strategy to prevent economic paralysis. Businesses cannot be subjected to a rollercoaster of stop-start restrictions with no end in sight.

“The Government must understand the real-world consequences for livelihoods and communities as well as the long-term health of the economy.

“Although Dorset has escaped the worst of the Covid resurgence so far there are hotspots in parts of the county. We do not want to see these worsen and the county become at risk of tighter restrictions.

“The Chamber will continue to liaise with local authorities and economic partners in Dorset while working with colleagues at the British Chambers of Commerce to fight the corner of business at Westminster.

“Support remains available for all businesses through the Chamber. I have great confidence in Dorset’s many great businesses who will continue to show their customary resilience, positivity and support for one another to ensure the economy keeps moving and the county stays open for business.”



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