Dorset Marvels

Dorset Business we want to hear from you, how can we support your future work force and develop the skills that you need. Can you provide a work placement, one day work taster or come visit our schools and discuss your career journey and business. 

I am working with amazing students in year 11 within Dorset on the Marvels project, who are looking to develop those skills for work. I have future beauticians, mechanics, builders, engineeers, administrators, social communicators, entrepreneurs, tree surgeons, social workers, care assistants, retail workers and creatives who are passionate about art and drama.

By Providing work experience this provides our students a chance to work with business, see how your business operates, learn new skills and build self confidence. 

Please contact me directly on or contact us on and I can explain how our project works and how we can work together. 

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