Dorset Mind charity launches NEW ‘Mentoring Minds’ mental health support service for people aged 11+

In response to an increase in demand for effective mental health support, Dorset Mind is re-purposing two of their key services to meet the mental health needs of young people and adults in the local community. ‘Mentoring Minds’ aligns and continues to deliver vital 1-2-1 support for people aged 11+ – delivered previously as Dorset Mind’s adult ‘Befriending’ service and young people’s 'Wellbeing Check-in.’  
Mentoring Minds involves regular goal setting with a trained mentor. Goal setting helps individuals gain a true sense of purpose and achievement when they meet targets set with the support of their volunteers. People struggling with mental ill health often experience a lack of motivation, tiredness, and might also feel overwhelmed.  

Additionally, it’s worth noting these symptoms are also commonly shared by people experiencing burnout, of which those in workplaces, frontline support and education are increasingly affected by.  

‘Mentoring Minds’ aims to help reach vulnerable people in our community, experiencing mental health challenges such as low mood, anxiety, or burnout. 

Furthermore, this newly merged service provides a safe environment for participants to discuss their feelings and emotions with their mentors. This will help volunteers create a set of goals that would best help the participants on their journey towards recovery. 

Dr Andy Mayers, Principal Academic at Bournemouth University and Dorset Mind’s Patron says, "I am excited to see the launch of the ‘Mentoring Minds’ programme. Whilst providing support for the symptoms of poor mental health is important, giving people the toolkits to manage their mental health will help keep them well. This new programme does just that.” 

Feedback from previous participants: 

“I am very grateful for the help I received from Dorset Mind and feel they have saved my life. I am now on my road to recovery.”  
Adult Participant Feedback, January 2022 

“It has been very helpful to have someone to talk to and to be heard/supported. I have gained so much confidence and strength over the course of my sessions.”  
Young Participant Feedback, November 2022 

For young people aged 11-17 years, Dorset Mind’s Children & Young People (CYP) service is open to receiving self-referrals from young people and referrals from professionals working with young people, providing consent from a parent or guardian is given.  

Barbara Montagna and Christine Bridger, Counsellors and CYP Team Leaders at Dorset Mind say, “Mentoring Minds uses the evidence based Five Ways to Wellbeing to encourage and enable young people to improve their mental health. Regular reviews throughout sessions empower them to develop resilience and tools, which they can continue to use beyond the Mentoring Minds sessions.”  

Dorset Mind’s Adult Service Team also welcomes new referrals. Adults (18+) can be referred by a professional. For example, a GP, Support Worker, Community Mental Health Team (CMHT), Active Monitoring Practitioner or Mental Health Nurse. 

In response to the launch of ‘Mentoring Minds’, Linda O’Sullivan, Dorset Mind CEO says, "We're delighted to provide support through our ‘Mentoring Minds’ service. Many of our dedicated volunteers have lived experience of ill mental health. They are therefore understanding of the mental health challenges participants face. It's important effective but achievable goals are set throughout the course of this service to help support people back onto the right path to live life mentally healthy.”  

For referrals or to find out more, visit Dorset Mind's Website Here.

Please note, this is not a counselling service. To speak with a trained counsellor, please visit Dorset Mind’s Counselling Service.

If you’re interested in becoming a Mentoring Minds Volunteer, please see Dorset Mind Volunteer Vacancies.

Dorset Mind delivers training courses for employees on managing stress, anxiety, and burnout in the workplace. Find out more, Workplace Training at Dorset Mind

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