Dorset seeks to ‘multiply’ its adult education tutors.   

Dorset Council’s Skills and Learning Adult Education wants to recruit more tutors to deliver the government’s Multiply adult numeracy programme.

People with classroom experience in any subject are invited to apply for the flexible, part time roles.

And while a recognised teaching qualification or equivalent experience, particularly in teaching maths to adults would be an advantage, it is not essential.

ENGAGING OPPORTUNITY – Dorset Council’s Skills and Learning Adult Education is looking to recruit more tutors like Jo Hosking (centre) who is seen here with Multiply learners Sylvie and Yvonne.

Since September 2022, over 1000 individuals, employees, and parents across BCP and Dorset have accessed free online, or in-person Multiply courses to boost their numeracy skills for everyday life and for work.

Multiply Programme Manager Hannah Ball said: “Multiply’s strength lies in enabling learners to see numbers in a new and much clearer, less daunting way and this requires highly versatile tutors who can find ways to teach multiplication, division, fractions, and percentages using simple and relatable ‘real-life’ ways.

“This might be helping learners to calculate, manage and pay their bills. Or, how to work out percentages to get better energy and phone deals. Or, how to take measurements accurately for tasks at work.

“The role is essentially to improve people’s confidence with numbers, and this can have a hugely positive impact on their lives, including increasing their career prospects and enabling them to support their children’s learning.

“We need more tutors to make Multiply accessible to even more people.”

Multiply tutors teach and learn as part of a team of 150 Skills & Learning staff.

Most of the tutors are part-time and all report to, and are supported by, a designated Area Programme Manager.

Jo Hosking has a background in secondary and primary school teaching and tutoring. She became a Multiply tutor because she wanted to help people realise that maths doesn’t have to be scary – and that everyone can improve their number skills
if they want to.

“Being a Multiply tutor isn’t like teaching maths in schools,” she explained. “I facilitate, not control what my classes want to learn, according to what they need.

“Some of my classes are about improving maths at work and the learners might be working towards qualifications. But many people just want to improve their general numeracy and aren’t interested in any kind of exams, so I don’t feel that pressure. It’s a really nicedifference.”

She continued: “We learn what you might call ‘everyday maths’ in that I’ve helped one lady improve her multiplication by calculating the size of the furniture and carpets she needs for her new flat.

“I like the role because I get to meet and help a variety of people and seeing their confidence with numbers grow on my courses is very satisfying, I feel like I am changing people’s lives in a way.”

Hannah Ball continued: “Our tutors tell us they enjoy the diversity, flexibility, and sense of fulfilment their role gives them.

“We would like to hear from people with classroom experience in any subject who have a minimum of GCSE Grade 4/C or equivalent in maths.

“You may be looking for a career change or a more flexible working role and we would welcome the chance to have an informal conversation about the many benefits of becoming a Multiply tutor.”

Further training and development opportunities are available, and this includes Level 3 Award in Education and Training for those who don’t already have a formal teaching qualification.”

Skills & Learning have a range of tutoring roles in different subjects and are always interested in hearing from new tutors.

For more information and to apply for this and other roles at Skills & Learning please visit: Working for us – Skills & Learning Adult Community Education (

Multiply courses are free for Dorset residents aged 19 or above who do not have maths at Level 2 or above. For more information on the many courses on offer please look HERE

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