Eco helps charities raise a record £57,788 from Christmas tree recycling

A Dorset recycling company has been thanked by three charities after helping them raise a record amount from the collection of Christmas trees.

Eco Sustainable Solutions received 4,463 Christmas trees, weighing around 27 tonnes, from Diverse Abilities, Lewis-Manning Hospice Care and Julia’s House.

They were recycled into about 36 cubic metres of woodland mulch, equivalent to approximately 720 wheelbarrow loads.

A total of £57,788 was raised by the charities from charging people to dispose of their trees. 

Fundraisers from the three charities had a chance to see how the trees had been turned into mulch when they visited Eco’s Parley site.

Laura Maidment, Public Fundraising Manager at Julia’s House, said: “We are extremely grateful to Eco for their generosity and support to Julia’s House. 

“Eco not only helped us to ensure these trees were recycled but they also sponsored the project with The Fencing Centre.     

“This meant that all the donations made went to helping provide vital care for some of the most seriously ill children locally. 

“Thank you so much to the wonderful team at Eco Sustainable Solutions for your kindness.”

Tom Goodinge, Fundraising Director, Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, said: “We are thrilled to have completed another successful year of tree collections and delighted to be able to continue this fantastic eco-friendly service to our local community. 

“We’d like to offer huge thanks to Eco Sustainable Solutions for being a part of our recycling team and contributing to our successful campaign.

“Their generosity in supporting us is very much appreciated.”

And Helen Mortimer, Head of Fundraising at Diverse Abilities, added: “The funds raised will help to provide all sorts of activities for children and adults with physical and learning disabilities across the county and beyond, as well as providing practical and mental health support for their families.”

Justin Dampney, Eco’s Managing Director, described the Christmas tree collection as a win-win for everyone involved.

He said: “The charities raise a substantial amount of money while 4,463 Christmas trees are disposed of sustainably by being turned into woodland mulch.

“The £57,788 raised is a fantastic sum and everyone involved, not least our team, should feel very proud.”

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