Ecosafe Group and Ridgewater Energy Partner Up to Bring Affordable Gas Boilers to Vulnerable Households

An image of Peter Bywater, Managing Director at Ridgewater Energy and Liam Jacobs, Sales Manager at Ecosafe Group.
Picture of Peter Bywater, Managing Director, Ridegwater Energy and Liam Jacobs, Sales Manager, Ecosafe Group

We are delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership between Ecosafe Group and Ridgewater Energy. This collaboration will significantly impact the lives of individuals and families struggling to afford a new boiler across the whole of Dorset. By working together under the boiler grant scheme, we aim to provide high-quality gas boiler installations to those who need them most. 

The partnership between Ecosafe Group and Ridgewater Energy brings together two industry leaders with a shared commitment to improving energy efficiency and supporting vulnerable communities. Ecosafe Group, renowned for our comprehensive range of construction, building, and maintenance services, will leverage our expertise in installation and customer service. Ridgewater Energy, with their extensive experience in energy solutions and grant schemes, will ensure that we reach those in need and provide the necessary funding support. 

This collaboration offers numerous benefits, both for our organisations and for the communities we serve. By combining our resources and expertise, we can reach a larger number of households in need. Ridgewater Energy’s knowledge of grant schemes will help us identify and assist those who qualify for financial support, ensuring that no one is left behind. 

Installing new, energy-efficient gas boilers will not only provide immediate warmth and hot water, but also reduce energy bills in the long term. This is especially crucial for those on benefits, individuals with disabilities, and others struggling financially. 

Our joint efforts will contribute to reducing carbon emissions by replacing boilers which are broken and inefficient with modern, environmentally friendly alternatives. This aligns with our commitment to sustainability and decarbonisation. 

Ecosafe Group’s experienced team will handle the installations with the highest level of professionalism and care, ensuring that each household receives a reliable and effective heating solution. Ridgewater Energy will also ensure clients are signposted to other help and support, to ensure their income is maximized and they can benefit from any other relevant assistance available. 

The boiler grant scheme is designed to help those unable to afford a new boiler due to financial constraints. This includes individuals on benefits, people living with disabilities, and families with low household incomes. Our partnership with Ridgewater Energy will make a tangible difference to these communities, by providing access to essential heating solutions that might otherwise be out of reach. 

For many, the cost of a new boiler is a significant barrier. By offering installations through the boiler grant scheme, we aim to alleviate this burden and provide a sense of security and comfort. A warm home is not just a necessity; it is a foundation for health and well-being, especially during the colder months. 
Peter Bywater Managing Director at Ridgewater Energy said “We are really pleased to be working with a locally based, well-established, and trusted business like Ecosafe Group. We look forward to a positive working relationship with them, which in turn will strengthen good quality, local delivery to our clients and to grow our local supply chain to the benefit of future energy efficiency, fuel poverty and decarbonisation projects across Dorset.” 
Gas Contracts Manager, Mark Falvey, from Ecosafe Group has this to say about the new partnership; "We are thrilled to partner with Ridgewater Energy to deliver essential gas boiler installations under the boiler grant scheme. This collaboration allows us to combine our strengths and resources to provide much-needed support to vulnerable households. By ensuring access to energy-efficient heating solutions, we are not only improving customers’ well-being but also contributing to a more sustainable future. Together, we are making a real difference in the lives of those who need it most." 

We are excited about the positive impact it will have on our communities. This collaboration between Ecosafe Group and Ridgewater Energy represents a step forward in our joint mission to support those in need and promote energy efficiency across the UK. 
For more information about the boiler grant scheme and to see if you qualify, please visit our visit our websites, or Together, Ecosafe Group and Ridgewater Energy are committed to bringing warmth, comfort, and energy efficiency to homes across Dorset. 
Please note: the boiler funding cover gas boilers only (not gas warm air systems) for owner occupier households (If you rent, then the heating is your landlords’ responsibility) as a like for like swap (e.g., conventional/system boiler not always possible to be swapped for a combi boiler), for those households most in need. All funding is subject to survey and terms and conditions, which do alter from time to time based on the current level of funding available. 

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