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Employer Awareness: How Coercive Control Can Impact In The Workplace

Posted on: 21/05/2018

As an employer, how would you recognise if an employee is suffering a form of domestic abuse such as Coercive Control? In addition, some employees could be perpetrating coercive, controlling behaviour towards an intimate partner and using your workplace resources to carry out this abuse.

What can your business do to send out a key message that violence and abuse will not be tolerated? For example, do you have a domestic abuse or stalking policy in place? How would you be able to support an employee?

Julie Johns, Managing Director from Safe Space Consultancy says; “Many employees see their work place as a Safe Space and I am passionate about supporting businesses who care about their Corporate Social Responsibility to fully ensure this.”

What is Coercive Control? It is behaviour that a perpetrator uses to control their intimate partner such as serious threats, manipulation, tracking movements, monitoring phones, other devices and isolation tactics. It is often behaviour that will follow a person into the workplace and can be identified if you are aware of it. The signs for employers to look out for are; financial abuse, where an employee may not have enough money for everyday expenses i.e. lunch or travel expenses, having their phones, social media, email accounts monitored as well as other signs, for example changes in appearance, often being late for work or off sick frequently. Perpetrators of coercive control have been known to damage company property, such as cars, technology and work uniforms to prevent their partners from working.

Julie Johns adds, “Unfortunately, this list just touches the surface and I’m sure as employers you will recognise some of these but maybe not identify it as Coercive Control. Are you aware of the barriers that may exist within your business which prevent employees from disclosing and seeking support? “

Dorset Police have recently teamed up with Bournemouth University Film Students to create three very emotive short films to raise awareness of Coercive Control, entitled #cutyourstrings which can be found via https://bit.ly/2pwjS0s

To read the full blog and to access further information please go to www.safespaceconsultancy.org
Contact: Julie Johns

Mob: 07592739183
Safe Space Consultancy

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