Employers Should Highlight Government’s New Free Childcare Scheme

Offering their expert advice, Bournemouth’s Purple HR are urging employers to engage with their staff and highlight the Government’s new Tax-Free Childcare Scheme.
With British parents spending on average £6,000 a year on a part-time nursery place, a new 30-hour Government Tax-Free Childcare scheme is being offered to parents. According to a recent survey, however, thousands of parents and employees with 3-4-year old children, remain in the dark about the scheme. With access to childcare a key factor in alleviating day to day employee concerns, the experts at Purple HR are offering employers their advice.
Leanne Pick, the Operations Director of Purple HR, believes that employers can improve productivity and happiness in the workplace by acting as a source of information on the Tax-Free Childcare scheme. Last year, as a result of the cost of childcare, 28% of businesses reported a reduction of working hours, 12% a reduction in productivity and 9% saw employees leave the business.                                                      
Leanne Pick said:
“From the perspective of a mother and an employer, I know that access to quality child care during working hours can be a major concern for parents. Funding issues can lead to both stress and poor attendance which have a huge impact on the workplace. Whilst employers do not directly play a role in the Tax-Free Childcare, I advise them to seize this opportunity and help raise awareness for the scheme.’’
According to Purple HR, parents with children aged under four years old can set up and pay into their own childcare accounts online. The Government will then top this up with a contribution of 20% of the childcare costs, up to an annual limit of £2,000 per child.
Leanne Pick continues:
“I advise all employers to play a voluntary role and support their employees with relevant information on the scheme. By simply referring employees to the Government web portal and highlighting eligibility, either prior to or after periods of family-related leave, your organisation can help ease the strain and promote contented employers. This can make a huge difference within small businesses that can’t afford to provide employer-supported childcare.’’ 
If you would like to find out more about supporting your staff and improving attendance, Purple HR is available to offer further advice. Their range of services include a fully outsourced HR department

and dedicated advice line. For more information about Purple HR, visit www.purplehr.co.uk.
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