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How to Create a Healthy Workplace Environment for Employees

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Dorset Chamber is committed to helping businesses provide health and wellbeing support to their employees. We are hosting a series of online workshop through 2022 on mental health and physical wellbeing topics.

This month we are looking at the importance of Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment for Employees

One of the most important things that influences employee productivity, motivation and efficiency is the working environment. The benefits of ensuring that workplaces are attractive and welcoming to employees are reduced costs related to absenteeism, turnover, worker compensation and medical claims.

Every company has its individual corporate culture that determines its value and creates a standard that employees follow. A great company culture can keep employees productive, help the company retain the best employees and ensure workers stay longer.

Physical environment
Basic office safety is essential, however a pleasant environment with natural light and ventilation and appropriate desks and chairs are all part of a pleasing environment, cultivating a sense of pride in the office.

Health and lifestyle practice
Employees are the best asset of every organisation and putting effort into their wellness can encourage better teamwork, increase productivity and reduce sick leave, presenteeism and enhances reputation. By encouraging employees to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle practices such as weekly yoga sessions or early morning or lunch time walks are ways of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Other suggestions are having healthy snack options within work kitchens or offering flexible working days so that healthy regimes can be maintained.

Supportive workplace environment
People who enjoy their jobs are more likely to engage thoroughly with their work and thrive. If they are appreciated and fairly remunerated, then it is far more likely they will stay within an organisation. Team building activities are good for bonding employees as well as motivating them, thereby creating a positive workplace environment.
Encouraging employees to take a five-minute break from their desk can relieve muscle fatigue, eyestrain and restore concentration. Having timers on to remind yourself to take a break is a great way of managing the day. Introducing standing desks to encourage people to regularly stand up has many benefits to the body as well
Working in an attractive, clean and comfortable office can have a tremendous effect on the interactions amount colleagues. This can be done by providing comfortable furniture, attractive plants, lamps and work equipment to create a relaxing atmosphere.

This workshop will be held online on 15th March from 11am – 12.10pm

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This programme of events aims to provide informative advice on how businesses can make small but meaningful changes that will enhance their employees health and wellbeing.

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15/03/2022, 11:00 AM – 15/03/2022, 12:10 PM
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