Inspire & Engage Young People Webinar
July 03, 12:30

Inspire & Engage Young People Webinar

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Inspire & Engage Young People – Webinar

Join us to discover how your organisation can engage the future workforce by opening your workplace to young people. Whether it's a 2-hour session or a 2-week program, you can help young people realise their aspirations and develop crucial employability skills.

By engaging young people, your organisation can see a boost in employee morale from mentoring the future workforce. This initiative also strengthens community links, showcasing your commitment to local development. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a future talent pool, allowing you to identify and nurture potential employees, ensuring a skilled workforce for the future.

Be a part of shaping the next generation. Get involved today!

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Event Date & Time

July 03, 12:30 - July 03, 13:00
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