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Inward and outward Processing

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This course will be delivered remotely, via Zoom. 


If you transport goods into and out of the UK for maintenance or other processing, this course explains the HMRC

regimes that will enable you to save costs. The course help you understand the advantages of claiming IPR and

OPR, how commodity codes help, the documentation required, and whether AEO may also be helpful for your


Course Contents:

• Explanation of Inward and Outward Processing

• Advantages of IPR/OPR

• Commodity Codes

• Documentation required for IPR/OPR

• Benefits of AEO

• Sources of help and advice

Who Should Attend:

International trade and finance administrators and managers needing to understand cost savings that can be

made on the goods that come into and out of the UK for processing. The course is valuable for both newcomers

wanting an introduction and overview, and experienced staff needing a refresher on current requirements.

Considerable cost savings can be made in this area, so it is important you understand the relevance of this to your


Training Methods:

The trainer will use oral and visual presentation, reference to fictitious and real examples and participatory exercises to illustrate course content. The delegates will receive copies of the presentation on which notes can be made together with a workbook for future reference.

Foundation Award: 

The Foundation Award in International Trade consists of 10 modules, identified as important elements of any overseas business development and vital for key employees involved in the fulfilment of overseas trade. To help with individual's professional development in international trade functions, achieving a merit or pass on 6 of those modules will complete the Foundation Award.

Discounts available when booking courses for all 6 modules of the Foundation Award.

If you would like to complete the Foundation award then please enquire before booking.

Insufficient Numbers

Insufficient bookings may mean that a course would not be financially viable. In these cases Dorset Chamber will inform all concerned three working days in advance and the booking will be move to the next available date.


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Event Cost

Members: £170, Non-Members: £215

Event Date & Time

19/05/2022, 9:30 AM – 19/05/2022, 12:30 PM
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