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Let’s talk about the menopause

Event Details

Open to all Dorset Businesses.

Thursday 29TH July 2021 online vis Zoom Sponsored by Lester Aldridge Solicitors

09.30am – 11.10am  

One person in four with menopause symptoms is concerned about their ability to cope with life yet these issues are rarely discussed in the workplace.  Dorset Chamber is committed to raising awareness of the effects of the menopause within the business community. Research has shown:

  • Approximately 13 million women in the U.K are either peri- or post menopausal and symptoms can last up to 15 years
  • Over 60% of women experience symptoms resulting in behaviour changes
  • 1 in 4 women will experience severe debilitating symptoms
  • Almost half of menopausal women say they feel depressed
  • A third of women say they suffer with anxiety
  • Approximately two thirds of women say there is a general lack of support and understanding

This event is designed to educate men and women around how the menopause can affect women’s health and affect their working lives, to provide more education for people in leadership and management roles and to encourage more open discussion on this subject in the workplace.


The menopause – how this affects women at work – Dr Sarah Hattam

My story – Theresa Higgins

Legal requirements – Kevin Barnett, Lester Aldridge

The wider impact of mental health in the workplace – Amelia Hooley, Dorset Mind

Panel conversation/ Q and A

Close and further help and support – Caron Khan


Chair – Ian Girling Chief Executive, Dorset Chamber

Theresa Higgins, Dorset Chamber

Caron Khan, President, Dorset Chamber

Dr Sarah Hattam

Kevin Barnett, Lester Aldridge

A zoom link will be emailed to you two days before the event so you are able to join at 0920am for a 0930am start.

The event is sponsored by Lester Aldridge. From offices in Bournemouth, Southampton and London, full service law firm Lester Aldridge advises businesses and private individuals on a regional, national and international scale. They are known for our ability to offer top quality legal advice in a straightforward way, making them accessible and easy to deal with.

All Dorset Chamber events remain online via Zoom.
What you’ll need:
– PC or Laptop (Phones are not best for online networking)
– Headphones with built in microphone (recommended)
– Notepad and pen (recommended)
– Quiet environment
– A smile and friendly manner

Zoom Security:
-Be aware of what is on display in the background if connecting to Zoom from your home.
-Be aware of anything gives away where you live.
-Be aware of having confidential documents on display within the camera shot.
-If you sign up to the event, you can’t stop people taking screen shots of the event and sharing it on social media.
-Never ‘write’/ ‘say’ anything in chat or a ‘room’ you wouldn’t say in an email

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Members: £,

Event Date & Time

29/07/2021, 9:30 AM –
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