Webinar: Classifying your goods and Customs Procedure Codes
July 25, 10:00

Webinar: Classifying your goods and Customs Procedure Codes

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Date: Thursday 25th July
Time: 10.00am-11.00am
Duration: 1 hour
Delivery: Webinar

Industrial goods are classified in terms of their relative cost and how they enter the production process. These commodity codes are internationally recognised reference numbers, they are used to identify products when importing or exporting goods.

Businesses need to find the right commodity code for all types of goods when importing or exporting. Although many countries have signed up to the same classification system, only the first 6 digits are used worldwide.

Customs Procedure codes are defined HMRC codes required to describe the purpose of overseas shipments.  The code is used to determine how your shipment will be processed and how the duties and taxes, if applicable will be collected.

Smooth transportation of goods and products will be dependent on the quality of the accompanying paperwork so ensuring you have the correct CPC assigned to your shipment is critical.

Developed in response to customer requests, delivered in partnership with experts, International Trade Matters.

Aimed at developing the capacity of businesses to trade internationally.

One hour long and include a presentation and 15-30 mins of Q&A.

Mike Court MIEx - International Trade Compliance
International Trade Matters


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Members: £15, Standard: £30

Event Date & Time

July 25, 10:00 - July 25, 11:00
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