Introducing Satori Ops

Satori Ops, a technology based startup founded by Shakira Floyd and Steph Lucas, is ready to revolutionise the world of business operations. With both founders originating from Plymouth but coincidentally crossing paths in the vibrant town of Poole almost two years ago, they bring a unique blend of determination and vision to the table.

This serendipity has developed into something extraordinary: Satori Ops, a startup that empowers businesses to transcend operational constraints, foster excellence, and harness the true potential of ClickUp.

ClickUp, a versatile productivity and work management software, is the backbone of Satori’s mission. With years of combined experience in business operations and technology, Shakira and Steph explored various platforms before unequivocally recognising ClickUp as the industry standout and hence, forming a Partnership. ClickUp resolves common pain points by offering a unified platform that streamlines workflows and enhances collaboration. It eliminates disjointed processes and fosters seamless communication, ensuring teams can work together efficiently and achieve their goals.

Satori has an unwavering commitment to providing top-tier ClickUp implementation services, backed by comprehensive training sessions. So beyond building bespoke ClickUp platforms, Shakira & Steph are committed to ensuring that businesses and their teams are proficient in its usage. This emphasis on training not only ensures a smooth transition but also cultivates the confidence needed to successfully evolve the platform as the business grows. ClickUp is more than just software; it’s a catalyst for businesses to thrive. From streamlining workflows to fostering seamless collaboration, ClickUp can work wonders for a wide range of industries, including agencies, marketing departments, professional services, construction firms, and more.

Shakira Floyd, Co-Founder of Satori Ops, articulates their vision, saying, “We’ve embarked on this journey with a clear goal – to simplify complexities, inspire excellence, and enable businesses to flourish seamlessly. From our experience, we’ve seen that ClickUp is the tool that can make it happen.”

Steph Lucas, Co-Founder adds, “We have a 25 years combined experience in business Operations, however, our startup status is a testament to our fresh approach and dedicated passion. We’re here to be the bridge between businesses and their potential, ensuring they navigate towards growth confidently through ClickUp.”

Satori Ops is based at the prestigious FOUNDRY in Poole, reflecting their commitment to innovation and forward-thinking in the heart of the business community.

As Satori Ops forges ahead, they aim to be the catalyst for businesses seeking transformation, making strides towards operational excellence, and fostering a culture of confidence in the power of ClickUp.

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