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FOCUS ON HR: Menopause Awareness in the Workplace

Posted on: 10/05/2021

Did you know that “menopausal women are the fastest growing workforce demographic”? That with the rising state pension age, one in three people in the workforce will soon be over 50 according to the Office for National Statistics. As such, it is important that employers feel equipped to provide appropriate support to employees.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about, and from an open conversation, you may be able to identify ways to support an employee going through the menopause. By keeping an open mind and conducting workplace assessments, it may be possible to identify adjustments (if appropriate) that would really help someone manage their symptoms and their impact on their working life.

Employers must remember that they have a legal duty to control the risks to people’s health and safety at work. What is more, employers should remember that employees going through the menopause are most likely to be protected under the Equality Act 2010 too and to statutory (and contractual) leave entitlements related to the menopause. Take care with confidentiality too – it is up to the employee to decide what they want to tell their colleagues. Announcing that you are adjusting the air conditioning because somebody is having a hot flush would not be appropriate!

Menopausal women are facing some real challenges in the workplace, and many employers are not sure what to do to best support them. Help to break the stigma. Even just talking about the menopause can make a world of difference to a woman’s ability to achieve her full potential. If you would like to discuss supporting employees from an HR perspective, the ViewHR team are here to help, so please get in touch.


Sarah King, Director of View HR Limited.

hr@viewhr.co.uk | 01425 205390 | www.viewhr.co.uk


This article is featured in the May edition of the Dorset Business Focus magazine. Read on the online version here.

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