FOCUS ON PROTECTION: Best foot forward

As with many categories of personal protective equipment, foot protection can too often be approached the wrong way. Instead of prioritising comfort and safety features, many wearers focus on brand and aesthetics. Unfortunately, employers do not always understand that this has repercussions on health.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to look and feel good at work, especially when working out in public. But if you don’t make sure your foot protection meets the correct safety standards, fits properly, is kept clean, and correctly maintained, then your feet could pay the price in the long term. 

Wearing the right safety footwear can limit musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), which account for 24% of lost working days. So, don’t go by brand alone. Instead, prioritise footwear that has the design features engineered for safety. You should only buy footwear from a trusted BSIF accredited supplier, so you know it meets all the necessary EN standards.

Employers should also have one of each size and style available to try on. This will give everyone a chance to find the most comfortable fit, instead of just picking ‘their size’. For staff that have been supported by occupational health, Tower can provide footwear clinics that include a measuring service and insole appraisal.

Keep your footwear clean and dry to make it last longer and remain comfortable. And check it over before use. Make sure the safety toe cap is not visible, the sole unit and upper areas are secure, and the tread and sole pattern is undamaged and not covered over or filled in.

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