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FOCUS ON RECRUITMENT: Attracting and retain talent in the post-Brexit market

Posted on: 15/10/2021

After a challenging 18 months it is great to see the business world waking up again, and companies are in the mood for recruiting. In the post-lockdown world, it is quite likely that when hiring you will find that things have changed within the candidate market; attracting and retaining talent has become a very hot topic.  

The question for employers is now not only, ‘how do I attract passive and active jobseekers,’ but also ‘how do I retain my best talent?’ The answer, offer greater flexibility and advertise what sets you apart as an employer; employee benefits have become more important than ever for the attraction and retention of staff in this current market, and real human benefits are key. If you are unsure what sets you apart, carry out a survey and ask your long-standing team members what they love about working for you and ask them to identify what it is that has kept them loyal to you?

Gone are the days when free tea and coffee, football or ping pong tables would be enough! If you can offer hybrid/flexi working patterns, then shout about it! Salaries are also important, but in the post-Covid world your employees are looking to strike a better balance and flexibility with hours and location of work.

Set the tone in your recruitment process, offer flexibility on interview times and dates, utilize technologies available to ease pressures on candidates making time for interviews around work and other commitments.

Always let existing and prospective staff know the things that set you apart from the competition! If you need any help identifying these, get in touch with Mploy, as it might be time for a review of your benefits offering.


Ross Aubin – Branch Manager – Southampton office
T: 02382 512855 |

This article is featured in the October issue of the Dorset Business Focus magazine. Read on the online version here.


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