Free counselling sessions available for adults suffering from substance abuse

Poole-based substance misuse support charity, EDAS (Essential Drug and Alcohol Service) has been supported by Talbot Village Trust to deliver free counselling services to low-income or unemployed individuals in the local community.

The £10,000 grant, made by local grant-giving charity Talbot Village Trust, has helped to deliver more than 280 free counselling sessions to over 35 individuals. Providing vulnerable adults with a confidential space to address their emotional struggles and develop effective coping strategies has previously been difficult for the charity to deliver due to limited resources.

Dr Mindy Bartlett, CEO of EDAS, said: “EDAS was set up to enable adults struggling with substance abuse across the country to access essential support and guidance, providing them with a better future. We simply cannot do this work without generous funding from organisations like Talbot Village Trust. The £10,000 donation will go toward providing vital counselling for hundreds of adults across Dorset free of charge and setting them on the path to forging better lives for themselves and those around them.”

The free-of-charge sessions include one-to-one counselling appointments both in person and over the phone, communal support groups, mindfulness and meditation sessions, mental and physical health training, career and social guidance, harm minimisation, and relapse prevention.

A beneficiary of the service commented: “I felt both supported and driven, with a welcome helping of a calm and collected reassurance. Self-confidence and building up a belief in my ability to do this was always an issue in the past and often ended in self-defeat, but through the guidance and the one-step-at-a-time approach, the little wins started turning into bigger ones and a greater belief in myself in this area.’’

Nicholas Ashley-Cooper, Chairman of Talbot Village Trust, added: “Our trust believes in empowering people to regain control of their lives, so we’re pleased to help services like EDAS, which are a great example for how people can be supported to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

“By accessing free support at the right time, these vital services can reduce harm and illness, lessen the impact on the health service, and provide life-changing outcomes for service users. Sadly, recent UK health figures demonstrate yearly increases in alcohol and drug-related deaths. Alcohol and substance misuse is an issue that we urgently need to tackle to help people across our communities.”

To apply for funding from the Talbot Village Trust, visit to submit an online application by 31st January. The Trust meets biannually and is accepting applications for funding from both previous and new applicants in the area.

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