General election comment – REIDsteel

Simon Boyd, managing director of REIDsteel, said: “This general election result has redrawn the political map.
“There is no doubt that the country has been profoundly let down by the Conservative Party in its complete failure to capitalise on the opportunities of Brexit and the benefits this could have brought to the British people and businesses during a challenging economic time.
“Yet, Labour won this election by default. While some voters may have sought to punish the Tories, many recognised the bold, dynamic and real opportunities for change offered by Reform.
“Labour won a dismal 34% share of the overall vote yet claimed around 64% of the seats, while the Conservatives claimed 19% of seats with 24% share of the vote.
“Reform claimed 14% of the vote yet will most likely receive just one per cent of seats despite a groundswell of popular support in constituencies across the country.
“Reform is the party in true ascendancy. Its politicians are the only ones talking about British business and the genuine issues of concern which face our country today.
“While its time may not be now, there is real enthusiasm and positivity that Reform has the ability, talent and will to make that step change for our country in 2029.
“For now, we must guard against any radical policies by a Labour Party which has been suspiciously circumspect in its intentions for our economy, businesses and taxes. Any sabotage of Brexit must be fiercely resisted.
“We as a business will continue to export and support UK plc to drive the economy and enable social mobility while lobbying on behalf of our sector and business.
“The new government and our political classes must listen to the voice of the country. Clearly the first past the post system of voting is broken if it cannot deliver a Parliament which accurately reflects the views of its people.
“It is time to seriously consider fundamental reform and the introduction of proportional representation for a more democratic system of government for the benefit of our people, businesses and country.”


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