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Got Your Six event is great success

Posted on: 18/11/2021

Business leaders opened up at the first ‘inspirational’ event held to be in person by Dorset Chamber for its trailblazing Got Your Six (GU6) resilience campaign.

They shared stories, gave positive advice and listened to speakers at the ‘Meet the GU6 Champions’ breakfast held at AFC Bournemouth.

The chamber – Dorset’s leading business support organisation – is the first in the UK to develop an initiative focused specifically on the mental health of business leaders with its GU6 initiative.

Dorset Chamber chief executive Ian Girling said: “Our first GU6 face to face event was incredibly inspirational.

“Everyone took part in a spirit of openness and honesty which created a warm and supportive atmosphere with plenty of practical advice and strategies for building resilience.

“Sometimes the mental health of business owners and senior managers is overlooked even though they carry the weight of their companies on their shoulders.

“This event was a great way of providing positive support and letting them know that a listening ear is available.”

The first event included an introduction to GU6 Champions – local business men and women – who are on hand to provide confidential peer support for hard-pressed bosses and promote positive ways of dealing with pressure.

There were also speakers from mental health charity Dorset Mind and business leaders sharing their own experiences.

GU6 aims to give business leaders a peer network upon which can they can rely and provide support for others.

It aims to normalise the conversation around the mental pressures of running a business, encourage compassionate dialogue and develop strategies that lead to great resilience in leaders.

GU6 is part of the chamber’s groundbreaking health and wellbeing programme.  The term ‘got your six’ derives from fighter pilots who protected the ‘backs’ of fellow pilots in formation at the vulnerable rear position, based on the position of the hands of a clock.

Its GU6 initiative is sponsored by Lester Aldridge and supported by Ouch Training and Dorset Mind.

Visit https://dorsetchamber.co.uk/gu6-dorset/ for more information about GU6.

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