Hoburne Group Sponsors Highcliffe School’s Young Chamber Membership

Young Chamber has welcomed Highcliffe School as the newest member of the Programme, following sponsorship of the school by Highcliffe-based holiday, leisure and development company Hoburne Group.

Young Chamber is part of a national programme spearheaded by the British Chambers of Commerce to strengthen links between business and education.  The aim is to ‘bridge the gap’ between schools and the world of work by providing schools with access to speakers, site visits, workshops and more, facilitated by many of Dorset Chamber’s membership of a broad range of sectors, backgrounds and career paths.

Sponsor companies such as Hoburne are directly affiliated with the schools and offer invaluable support and insight into what employers would like to see from candidates, as Hoburne Group’s Chairman, Rosie Kennar, explains: “As a local and regional employer in the growth areas of leisure and property development, we are aware that while applicants may be academically qualified, they are often unaware of the expectations of employers and many of the essential skills required in the workplace.

“We are very keen to address this and were looking for ways in which Hoburne could engage with schools to help both them and their pupils to understand the personal skills and work ethic that will set them apart when applying for jobs and embarking on their careers. The Young Chamber programme is the perfect fit.”

Hoburne has started developing a programme for Highcliffe School with an emphasis on the skills and overview of the world of business young people need – whether they are school leavers, higher education leavers or graduates.  Young Chamber will compliment this by providing access to the wealth of other businesses offered through Dorset Chamber’s members.

Patrick Earnshaw Headteacher at Highcliffe School, said: “Links with local businesses like Hoburne help us develop practical real-world skills that complement the academic education and life skills we develop here in school.  They benefit our students enormously and we are therefore delighted to work with Hoburne through the Young Chamber programme.”

Ian Girling, Chief Executive Officer at Dorset Chamber said: “The Young Chamber Programme has captured the imagination of schools and business across Dorset, because its dedicated purpose and long term potential is to address the real issues faced by businesses wishing to recruit young people, and address them from within.”

As well as businesses sponsoring individual schools, Young Chamber is sponsored and supported by Bournemouth University and TeamJobs. For more information contact Joan Senior, Young Chamber Coordinator at joan.senior@dcci.co.uk

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