Hospice charity secures dedicated Reiki Therapist for patients

Forest Holme Hospice Charity in Poole is delighted to announce it will be part-funding the role of the hospice’s reiki specialist, Kay Spears, alongside the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary.

The charity recognises the importance of Kay’s work for the wellbeing of patients, their families, and the staff at Forest Holme Hospice and will be securing the post for a further year.

Specialty doctor in palliative care at Forest Holme Hospice, Dr Kevin Bolster, said: “When Kay is on the ward there is a wonderful and palpable sense of calm. When I chat to patients after their sessions, they consistently tell me they feel an increased sense of calmness in their body, increased pain control, reduced anxiety levels and breathing can be more relaxed. It doesn’t seem to matter if the person is sceptical towards reiki, the potential for benefit is there regardless.”

A safe, gentle, non-intrusive energy therapy, reiki addresses the imbalances that occur in a body suffering from illness, stress, and anxiety. It can be carried out in the most suitable setting for the patient, a bed, a chair or on a therapy couch. The patient is fully clothed throughout the session and no massage, manipulation or pressure is used. Within the hospice environment, reiki can help enhance the quality of a patient’s life by working to alleviate the emotional and physical side effects that can arise from medication.

Jon Webb’s mother Daisy was cared for at Forest Holme Hospice. Commenting on Kay’s work, Jon said: “By now the traditional medicines had run their course. The medicine had brought Mum some physical comfort, but I also believe the reiki brought my mum some inner peace. It added vital ingredients to the cocktail of care that we both received.”

Kay said: “Reiki is a wonderful therapy for medical settings, especially hospices, as it can very quickly draw in a beautiful calm energy to what may be a tense and frightening situation. Reiki can help us to relax, clear blocks and rebalance our energy systems. With a great deal of time, effort and practice, reiki has helped to remind me of the need to work with the mind and body as one.

“My journey began after a personal health scare, when I ended up in Poole Hospital, being treated by the wonderful staff. The experience made me endeavour to bring reiki into hospitals where people have experienced a loss of control and understanding of what is happening to their body.”

Kay has been a part of the hospice’s Complementary Therapies team for the last two years since the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust helped to integrate her role into the medical setting of the hospice. This allows joint working with the medical teams for the benefit of the patient.

Those interested in more information and supporting the charity’s work are invited to visit www.forestholmehospice.org.uk

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