How Elevated Makes Bespoke Software Easy!

At Elevated Software, we understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements.

Our goal is to make custom software development faster, more efficient and tailored to your specific needs.

The Elevated Framework
Commissioning bespoke software might seems risky and expensive, but we’ve created an environment where we can deliver customised solutions with ease.
Instead of starting from scratch, we’ve developed a framework that allows us to launch new solutions efficiently. Our framework is built on standard development environments, including Microsoft .NET and Angular JavaScript. These platforms provide longevity for our applications and protect our customers’ investments.

Plus, they seamlessly scale across mobile and desktop browsers
Standard Business Applications
Within our development framework, we’ve included standard business applications that cater to various needs. These applications are ideal for all businesses, especially SMEs.

Here are some of the key applications:

  1. CRM (Customer Management): Manage customer relationships effectively.
  2. Project Management: Packed with great features to streamline project workflows.
  3. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Efficiently handle resource allocation and planning.
  4. Service Management and Installations: Simplify service requests and installations.
  5. Human Resources: Manage HR processes seamlessly.

These applications come enabled at a basic level, making them suitable for most businesses. In fact, we use them ourselves at Elevated!

But here’s where our unique ability shines: we customise these basic applications by adding workflows, features, and integrations. This tailoring ensures our customers get precisely what they need.

Saving Time and Costs
Our approach saves approximately 50% of development time, leading to corresponding cost savings.

For instance, one of our customers replaced their feature-heavy off-the-shelf CRM with our customised CRM. In just three years of operation they will achieve a 50% cost reduction. Similarly, deploying amn ERP through our platform costs around 50% of an off-the-shelf solution.

Reducing Risk
We encourage our customers to start with small, strategic steps and evolve over time. Begin with a basic CRM package and add key features as your business requires. Whether it’s specific workflows, web form integrations, or connections to tools like MailChimp, we adapt to your needs. 

This approach minimises risk, reduces the impact on your investment and ensure better end-user adoption.

The Elevated HUB Vision
Our larger customers have embraced our solutions.

For example, our largest customer started with a complex Project Management system and now plans to extend its functionality. They’re evolving it into their own branded HUB, an integral part of their business operations. 

Our vision for the Elevated HUB is to become a platform that SMEs can evolve into a valuable asset for their unique requirements.       01202 122838

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