How to grow a successful team from the ground up

At Spyrosoft, we believe that a company is only as strong as its people. That's why we're going to share with you some of our best tips for growing an effective and happy team. We've done this successfully on a global and local scale and have learnt a lot along the way.

1. How to get the right people:
You need to have a clear idea of what kind of person will fit into your company culture and be able to do their job well. Your team should be diverse and collaborative, with everyone pulling their weight and contributing in different ways.Understand the needs and expectations of the roles that need to be filled for the team to operate at its best, and match applicants to those roles. Also important is ensuring that the group has a healthy mix of personalities and characters that can add to a positively charged team environment and contribute to the team dynamic.

2. How to recruit with referrals and within your own network:
It's important that your team consists of people you know well—not just professionally, but personally too. There's nothing like having someone on your side who knows what you're capable of, what makes you tick, and what makes them tick too! Recruiting through referrals is one way that this happens naturally at Spyrosoft. If people are friends with each other or know each other professionally, they're more likely to want each other on their teams because they trust each other implicitly. 
Look in the right places. Most companies focus their recruiting efforts on job boards and social media, but these platforms don't always yield results—especially if you're trying to find people with specific skills or experience.

3. How to put people first:
We believe in treating our employees equally and giving them the resources they need so they can succeed. You need to put them first by making sure they're content and fulfilled in their roles, so that they can do their best work for your business. That means regular training, making sure they have everything they need to perform well and encouraging them to take on new responsibilities whenever possible.

You should never forget that, as an employee, we all want something: either money or experience (or sometimes both). Don't forget this basic fact when hiring new employees—they need to feel like they'll be rewarded fairly and competitively when they join you.

4. How to promote flexibility:
Maintaining a degree of flexibility in terms of working hours and goals is important to ensure a degree of morale and team spirit. Having the ability to adapt to changes and unexpected occurrences without compromising on performance is essential for an expanding team.

It's also important to understand the need for rest and downtime. Burnout is a serious issue and can lead to reduced performance and productivity, so setting a reasonable working schedule is important.

Andrew Radcliffe, Co-Founder and UK Managing Director has worked hard to grow a strong team here in Dorset. He has recruited every member of the team using the tips above and describes it here:

"People are our most important asset. When I co-founded Spyrosoft, people planning was at the heart of my thinking. Having the right mix of people, joining at the right time, in terms of skill, experience and most importantly behaviours, was critical to the success of the business. Using my own personal network and people who I had worked with in the past, with the right complementary skills, I was able to build our senior team.

Our company has grown extremely quickly, and, in this environment, a key component is flexibility in the job role. To build a successful, dynamic, and modern technology services business you need to have great people who are comfortable working in distributed teams, who can turn their hand to different tasks quickly and grasp the inevitable curve balls thrown with positivity as business priorities inevitably change."

Spyrosoft is a global technology services company with a UK office at Smartbase @Bournemouth Airport. We would love to talk about technology with you. Connect with us on LinkedIn.

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