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Ikea cut pay of unvaccinated staff self-isolating

Posted on: 13/01/2022

News emerged this week that Ikea has cut the sick pay of unvaccinated staff who are forced to self-isolate.

Employment Solicitor Paul Burton takes a look at the story and discusses the ramifications for employers and employees.

Ikea cuts sick pay for unvaccinated staff who are forced to self-isolate

Many firms have introduced incentives to try and encourage their workers to get vaccinated. But companies such as Morrisons and Wessex Water have gone the other route, implementing financial restraints on the unvaccinated.

Ikea are the latest company to do so, with the furniture retailer cutting the sick pay of their unvaccinated staff who are forced to self-isolate due to Covid-19 exposure.

What is sick pay for the unvaccinated being cut to?

Ikea will be paying unvaccinated workers statutory sick pay, in such circumstances, which could be as little as £96.35 a week (The Statutory Sick Pay minimum).

This is a massive difference from the average £400 a week wage (before tax) for shop floor workers that the company normally pays.

Why have Ikea put this in place?

Ikea have likely introduced this penalty due to financial issues, as many companies have struggled with mass staff absences and rising costs.

As you could probably imagine, for firms where homeworking is not an option, paying staff during isolation can be a huge financial strain on a company.

And with the Omicron variant causing a peak in new cases, you can understand why companies will be wanting to take measures to cut costs.

In the full article, I discuss the impact this could have on employers nationwide. To read it, click here.

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