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About InStandart
InStandart is a Software Development company founded in 2014, specialising in bespoke software development and team augmentation. With a mission to provide innovative solutions that automate businesses and enhance efficiency, InStandart has garnered recognition for its high-quality services and commitment to client success.
Over the past years, InStandart has been dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to automate businesses and streamline processes for increased efficiency.
Since its inception, InStandart has been on a mission to provide innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape. The company takes pride in its work and remains committed to delivering high-quality, bespoke software development and team augmentation services.

Our Services
InStandart has successfully carved a niche for itself, offering a wide range of services across various industries, including e-commerce, retail, hospitality, real estate, logistics, and fashion. With over nine years of industry expertise, InStandart continues to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and a keen understanding of the evolving needs of its clients.

Key Services Offered by InStandart:
– Team Augmentation: InStandart excels in providing skilled professionals to augment your existing teams, ensuring a seamless integration of expertise tailored to your specific needs.
– Bespoke Software Development: Tailoring solutions to meet unique business requirements, InStandart offers custom software development services that drive innovation and efficiency.
– E-Commerce Development: InStandart specialises in creating robust and scalable e-commerce solutions that elevate online businesses to new heights.
– CAD (Computer-Aided Design): Leveraging advanced CAD technologies, InStandart delivers design solutions that meet the highest standards of precision and creativity.
– Software Maintenance: InStandart ensures the longevity and performance of software applications through comprehensive maintenance services, keeping businesses up and running.
– UX/UI Design: Focused on user experience and interface design, InStandart creates visually appealing and user-friendly designs that enhance the overall digital experience.
– Quality Assurance Testing: InStandart's rigorous quality assurance and testing services ensure the reliability and functionality of software products, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

InStandart is honoured to have been recognised for its outstanding contributions to the industry. The company was named the Top Python & Django Developers of 2023 by Clutch and included in's prestigious Top Software Development Companies List for 2024.
The company remains dedicated to providing unparalleled solutions that drive business success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
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