Global Sensemaking 

International Trade

International Trade

Global Sensemaking Workshop 

Despite the challenges and uncertainty posed by the effects of Brexit and COVID-19 the UK with its developed, sophisticated, and diverse markets is a major trading power globally both for imports and exports.


Critical for every business, to enable logical trading decisions and avoid making emotional judgements, is the need to create a plan to trade internationally.


Sense Making is the #1 indicator of a sustainable business approach in leadership mindset and performance; to envision, communicate, collaborate, and cultivate to solve problems and make decisions in a progressive and shifting world. It pays to map the journey to your goal, think through the negotiations between your objectives, the current and future state, in a global context.


This introductory course will provide business leaders with an insight to sense making to enable them to lead more effectively, in an ever-shifting world.


Course Content:

Day One – 3 Hour Group Session:

  • Understanding Growth in International Trade – Assessing your company’s readiness, considering resources, capacity, and financing.
    Setting out your purpose and creating a vision, using simple frameworks to make sense of internal and external forces, obligations, and aspirations.
  • You will be provided with the tools to create a dynamic visual management map that can be used to identify opportunities and avoid challenges


Day Two – One to One 2-hour Session:

  •  A one-to-one review of the visual management map created, to provide thoughtful questioning, to define and refine.
  • Create a plan to communicate and share the vision with the business, giving everyone the opportunity to collaborate, challenge, contribute and feedback to refine the plan.


Day Three – One to One 2-hour Session:

  • A one-to-one to bring it all together to demonstrate corporate vision and leadership, creating distributed leadership through subgroups for timebound projects with clear milestones.


Participant Outcomes:

  • To provide business leaders with the knowledge, tools, and methodologies to create an unclouded vision and strategic plan to trade internationally, to inspire and execute with passion and enthusiasm in a competitive environment. To make sense of their own experience and to remove bias, therefore developing leaders and organisations fit for the future.


Programme Provider Outcomes:

  • To provide businesses with an efficient, clear strategy for international trade, with the opportunity to promote and provide referrals to the Department for International Trade and British Chamber of Commerce services and training programmes.


£1,000 per company (no more than two company members per course). The price reflects all three sessions outlined.


The course will be delivered remotely using Microsoft Teams. The programme is designed to be collaborative, attendees are expected to complete tasks after day one and day two, therefore each programme will take place over a two month period to allow for this.


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