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An experienced team, available to help your business export goods and/or services to markets across the world.

Dorset Chamber is an Issuing Body, appointed by HM Government Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. Dorset Chamber are authorised to certify export documentation, including EC Certificate of Origin, Arab-British Certificate of Origin, EUR1/ATR Customs Movement Certificates and ATA Carnets.

This documentation can be requested as a result of financial arrangements, customs procedures, trade barriers or even tariff quotas. The team have many years of experience in international trade and certification procedures, and are fully trained and accredited by the British Chambers.

In order for us to process applications for export documentation, we require written authorisation in the form of;

Formal Undertaking
By providing a signed copy you acknowledge the requirements detailed in the Standard Rules and allow Dorset chamber to certify documents on your behalf.

Authorised Signatories
A list of specimen signatories will need to be provided so we can authenticate each application has been completed by an employee authorised by the company to do so.

Download the Formal Undertaking documents here

Applications can be made online and submitted to us electronically. This is a popular option used by our registered exporters.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Certificates of Origin, ATA Carnets, and EUR1/ATR forms all available
  • Copy facility to help save time for repeat shipments
  • Allows multiple users to access the same account.
  • Increase accuracy of information by storing individual customers and suppliers details.
  • Applications returned same day (submission times pending), quicker service available on request.
  • Service is available Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 16:30.

In addition to this, the online platform offers exporters the opportunity to obtain many more commonly used documents, in fully compliant formats. This includes export invoices, packing lists, dangerous goods notes, bills of lading and many more. You can also make customs clearance entries for UK customs.

Dorset Chamber MemberNon-Member
EC Certificate of Origin£23.00£46.00
EUR1/ATR preference forms£21.00£42.00
Invoices & commercial documents£18.00£36.00
ATA Carnet£168.00£280.00
Saudi visa letters£18.00£36.00

Please contact us on 01202 714800 (opt 2) / [email protected] for a full quote.


Prices from September 1st 2020.

We have observed significant developments in international trade compliance during recent years, with increasing demands on export, import and finance roles. The implementation of the Union Customs Code (UCC) during 2016 now means greater scrutiny of your export and import management, and authorisation for some customs procedures will become more complex now that the UCC is in full force.

The greater emphasis on accreditation such as AEO (Authorised Economic Operators) will also drive standards in customs and security compliance, and can improve the overall reputations of export and import businesses. Formal training for key staff is a requirement of this accreditation, and relying on experience or ‘we’ve always done it this way’ will not be sufficient for accepted practice.

The most important consideration is that as the named exporter or importer it is your legal responsibility to ensure all customs declarations are 100% accurate. Even if you were to outsource some customs formalities, you still need to demonstrate how you manage the requirements.

Our courses have been designed to be suitable for both experienced and novice exporters, and we offer delegates the opportunity to gain a formal qualification in international trade procedures (Foundation Award in International Trade – NVQ Level 2).

To view our training courses you can visit our ‘International Trade Training’ page.  Alternatively you can call the team to discuss the courses in more detail on 01202 714807 or email us via the contact us form.

Minimize the risk in international transactions by making informed decisions, and supplement your international trade training.

ICC Incoterms® are the backbone of world trade. First developed in 1936, the rules define the responsibilities of buyers and sellers when trading internationally — setting out the obligations and risks involved in the delivery of goods.
• Full range of Incoterms 2010 available including standard definitions, expanded version, wallchart, desktop and pocket editions.

If you regularly receive payment through letters of credit, then we have a couple of guides that are vital for any good practitioner of this financial tool.

• ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP600)
• International Standard Banking Practice (UCP600)

Specific Market guides are also available.

Please contact the International Trade team at the Chamber to purchase your copies on 01202 714807 or use the contact form.

Incoterms - 2020_web

Knowledge base
The helpdesk is available to answer your questions related to clearing goods in foreign markets and the complexities of customs procedures. We can also advise on specific country requirements to help you implement best practice and ensure your goods are shipped in time.

Reduce the risk and guarantee payments for your exports

What are documentary credits?
Popularly known as a ‘Letter of Credit (L/C)’, it is a guarantee issued by a bank assuring payment of goods. The L/C will have strict terms specifying the amount of money to be paid, time frame and documentation required. Studies show 75% of all first time applications are rejected by the bank, resulting in unnecessary charges.

What does our service include?

  • Full management from draft to approval
  • Advice on L/C terms
  • Assurance that all L/C terms are met
  • Preparation of all shipment documents
  • Full visibility of documents online
  • Liaison with freight forwarders, shipping companies, inspection agents etc.
  • Arrangement of cargo insurance
  • Compliance check for third party documents
  • Advice on appropriate Incoterms® 2020
  • Strong relationships with major UK banks
  • Presentation of all documentation to the bank within agreed deadline

Why not call the team to discuss your options on 01202 714807

Between January 2019 and January 2020 exports of goods to countries increased by £265 Million. With slower exports due to Covid-19 from March 2020 and slower growth across the EU generally, Britain’s trade with the rest of the world is still increasing. Goods produced in the United Kingdom are still in demand across the world.

Dorset Chamber are offering exclusive support for first time exporters, and those considering markets beyond the EU for the first time. If you want your business to grow internationally, you can take advantage of our expertise right now.

What can exports do for your business?

  • Most businesses see an increase in sales within just twelve months of expanding into international markets.
  • Exporting has enabled companies to “fuller utilisation of existing capacity”, and are 34% more productive in their first year than those that don’t sell overseas.
  • Being a UK company that sells to customers at home and overseas can enhance your reputation, which can help to attract more customers. 91% of company say exporting has significantly improved their profile and credibility.
  • Doing business overseas can not only lead directly to growth, but also to improvements in efficiency levels and to fostering ideas for new products and services. Moreover, 70% of companies found that overseas business led to fresh ideas and innovation, upgrading their products and services.
  • All UK companies that carry out exports including to Northern Ireland will need to lodge a Customs Declaration to clear their goods through HM Customs & Excise if you need advice regarding this give one of our International Trade Specialist a call to get advice.


Book yourself onto one of our Bespoke Training Courses designed for your own business or for exclusive support for first time exporter clinics and learn about the benefits of expanding internationally.

You could be one of the businesses which generates an average growth rate of over 30% through exporting!

So why not get in touch, and book your appointment with one of Dorset Chamber’s International Trade Specialist today.

A world of opportunities awaits…

For further information, please contact Sue Bhatt at Dorset Chamber on  01202 714814 or [email protected]

Please note that some events will be by invitation only, please email us at [email protected] to register your interest and we will get back to you.

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