Introducing Dorset’s new beaver kits 

We are delighted to announce that a second litter of beaver kits have been born at Dorset Wildlife Trust’s enclosed beaver site in West Dorset. Eagle-eyed Conservation Officers have captured these special images and videos of the two kits after closely monitoring the site throughout spring and summer. Two new kits have been recorded so far, bringing the family total to seven animals (two adults and five kits) which is an extremely positive sign that the beavers are continuing to thrive. During the project animal welfare is an absolute priority, so we have ensured that the 4-hectare enclosed site offers enough complex habitat to support the newly expanded beaver family. 

The newly born kits, born in springtime, spent their first month within the safety of the lodge, an underground chamber and burrow system, before emerging between dusk and dawn in early summer to explore the wetland surroundings with the rest of their family.  

Rivers Conservation Officer, Steve Oliver said, “This discovery is such exciting news. Breeding is a clear indication that the beavers we introduced to site are healthy and happy in their Dorset home. The adult pair originally released back in February 2021 settled in from the word go, building dams and modifying the existing freshwater habitat to suit their needs. The building of a lodge and now the subsequent raising of two sets of kits is really encouraging. Beavers are a keystone species and the complex biodiverse wetlands they create by doing what comes naturally to them, can benefit many other forms of wildlife.” 

We are extremely excited to monitor the progress of the beaver family and look forward to sharing updates on the adorable kits as they mature.

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