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Life After Redundancy

Posted on: 10/04/2018

The word redundancy is becoming all too common with the collapse of many major high street retailers and general changes in how we work. Many employees are finding there is a high level of uncertainty in their current roles.

The internet and consumer shopping habits have a big part to play in the fall of high-street businesses. Other political and economic factors have created instability within society resulting in companies having to make tough decisions.

However redundancy is a time for reflection and opportunity. In order to identify this, you need to give yourself time to reflect on the job you had, your current life situation and ask yourself ‘Is something missing?’

When people are made redundant they often make an assumption that if they’ve worked in a certain industry for a long period they need to stay in that environment, even if it’s not one they particularly enjoy. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as in most instances skill sets are transferable and in fact can be beneficial  in many companies. Brand fit and personality shine through.

At Rock, we are here to help. Whether its support or advice, new possibilities or a total career change, feel free to contact us. 01202 237129 / hello@rockrecruitment.co.uk

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