Local Care Home Welcomes Tops Pokesdown for a Heartwarming World Food Day Celebration

Tops Pokesdown Nursery and residents of a local care home, Signature at Southbourne, came together for an enriching intergenerational celebration of World Food Day. The event was part of the Joining Generations initiative, which seeks to foster connections and understanding between different age groups.

The day was filled with educational and engaging activities aimed at celebrating the significance of food, its origins, and the impact of healthy eating. Participants from both generations joined hands to explore these themes and enjoy each other’s company. The key highlights of the day included:

Food Discovery: The event began with an exploration of food, its growth process, and the distinction between healthy and unhealthy meals. This exercise served as a bridge between the generations, allowing them to share their knowledge and experiences.

Food Creations: Seniors and children collaborated to create their dream meals, with imaginative menu items such as “fish and chips,” “watermelon,” and “strawberries.” This creative activity provided a platform for sharing culinary preferences and fostering understanding and connections.

Healthy Eating: Guided by the seniors, participants identified and discussed the merits of healthy versus unhealthy food choices. This not only raised awareness but also underscored the importance of nutrition in their lives.

Fruit Skewers: An exciting highlight of the day was the creation of fruit skewers. Seniors and children used safety knives to prepare and assemble their own fruit skewers. While enjoying this delicious activity, they engaged in meaningful conversations about their favourite fruits.

Music and Dance: The event concluded with a delightful dance to songs about food, adding an element of fun and physical activity to the day.

Learning about World Food Day served as a catalyst for empathy, cultural awareness, and tolerance among both seniors and children. The event emphasised the richness of global food cultures and the importance of appreciating diverse culinary traditions.
Chloe Boon, Deputy Manager at Tops Pokesdown said, “Our children and the residents enjoyed learning about world food day, by engaging in different activities around food. This encouraged them to work together and establish their new friendships with one another, talking about their likes and dislikes of food. Despite only knowing each other for a short amount of time, they have already started to bond and create forever friendships for life.”

The World Food Day celebration was a remarkable illustration of the power of intergenerational activities to promote understanding and connection between seniors and children. Tops Pokesdown remains committed to creating opportunities for meaningful interactions and shared experiences between different age groups.

Tops Pokesdown are part of a sustainable day nursery chain, Tops Day Nurseries, who have over 30 nurseries across the South and Southwest. Tops Pokesdown offers flexible early education and care for children aged 3 months to school age.


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