Local training organisation SWAD launches first book on accessible and inclusive sexual healthcare.

A local specialist training organisation has launched a trailblazing guide on how to increase accessibility of sexual health checks, cancer screening tests etc.

“Sexual Health Clinics, GP Clinics & Disabled People – A Guide for Better Access” is aimed at healthcare professionals and students who are passionate about improving accessibility to sexual health checks, cancer screening tests, and other vital health services.

As an “expert by experience” and also as a disability advocate. Lorraine Stanley (Founder & CEO of SWAD) has supported hundreds of disabled people around the issue of a lack of accessible health screening and appointments.

Lorraine said: “We would like to see all healthcare professionals and healthcare students buying a personal copy, which can then be their “go to” handbook throughout their careers.”

“I had noticed a gap in the knowledge and understanding, on the part of healthcare providers, of how to address health inequalities facing disabled people. It seemed like some practical tips and “insider information” from an actual disabled person, might help!”

Visit https://www.swaddorset.org/accessibility-ebook-published/ for more details.


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