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Dorset Skills Bootcamps

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market, the ability to adapt and acquire new skills is essential for individuals and businesses. For this reason Somerset Council in collaboration with its fellow partners in Dorset are offering Dorset based businesses, like yours, the opportunity to upskill your existing staff and train new staff using Skills Bootcamps and local training providers.

Skills Bootcamps are aimed at equipping participants with the expertise needed to excel in their current or new roles whilst meeting the diverse needs of their employer.

Short Modular Programs Tailored to Employer Needs

Skills Bootcamps are short modular programs, lasting up to 16 weeks. Whether you want to upskill your current staff or train potential new staff, these programs can be designed with your help to meet your training need.

Dorset Employer-Led Government Co-Investment Funding

To make Skills Bootcamps accessible to you as a businesses, generous government co-investment has been made available to offset any training cost. Small to medium-sized businesses benefit from a 90% co-investment rate, while larger corporations enjoy a 70% co-investment rate. This initiative ensures that businesses can invest in the development of their workforce and not have to shoulder high training costs.

Sectors (2024-2025)

These sectors include:
• Early Years
• Technical and Engineering
• Construction
• Digital
• Hospitality
• Health and Social Care
• Retail

A Green Sustainability Focus

The Skills Bootcamp project is also keen to work with employers and training providers to include sustainability and green skills training which could include:
Construction – In the construction sector, participants could delve into sustainable building practices such as retrofit, heat pump installation, solar PV, and insulation techniques.
HGV – As the transport sector undergoes a green transformation a focus on more sustainable working practices and new innovations and technologies could be the flexible solution to upskilling your employees.
Technical and Engineering – Renewable energy Bootcamps could focus on, carbon capture techniques, wind turbine technology, hydrogen production, and solar energy systems.

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Together, let’s pave the way to a brighter and more prosperous future