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Free UX Audit for members

Get a free UX (user experience) audit of your website, app or digital product (Terms and conditions apply*)

If your digital product needs improvement but you’re not sure what to prioritise or where to start, then Spyrosoft can help.

Throughout November and December 2023, we’re offering a free UX audit to companies who would benefit from expert analysis of their digital product (website/app/product). The audit will cover the following:

  • The business and user objectives of your digital product
  • Conversion metrics
  • Sales data (via analytics)
  • Traffic/engagement
  • Compliance with UX standards
  • Usability
  • Mental modelling
  • UX Best Practices

The audit will take place over one or two days and can be carried out remotely.

You’ll get access to one of our UX specialists and will be given a set of recommendations on next steps. An audit will help you to level up your product for the year ahead. Start 2024 with a more effective and user friendly digital product!

Email Toby Pestridge: 07717 712865 to find out if you’re eligible!

* Terms and conditions

  • Only one website/app/product per company
  • Websites analysed to a max of 10 pages
  • Conversion metrics, sales data and traffic analysed on the basis that you are willing to provide us existing analytics data

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